The Czech version of the Intrapersonal Curiosity Scale (InC Scale) in adolescents: psychometric properties


  • Martina Friedlová Univerzita Palackého, katedra psychologie
  • Zuzana Vaculčíková Sedláčková Univerzita Palackého, Katedra psychologie
  • Miroslav Charvát Univerzita Palackého, Katedra psychologie



intrapersonal curiosity, adolescents, InC scale, factor structure, measurement model


The aim of the study was to translate the Intrapersonal Curiosity Scale (InC) into the Czech language and to verify its factor structure and psychometric properties on the sample of grammar school students in the Czech Republic. The Intrapersonal Curiosity Scale InC is a 12-item tool that measures the tendency to inquisitively explore own identity and inner experience in order to better understand own inner self. The sample consisted of 1020 participants, of which 353 (34.6%) were boys, 665 (65.2%) were girls, and two participants (0.2%) did not state their sex or age. The authors compared several considered models using CFA. The results suggest that the original theoretical model, which calculates the total InC score as the sum of three mutually correlated subscales EPI, ROP and UEM, is still uncertain in the Czech version verified on a group of adolescents. In the authorsʼ opinion, the version with three factors with minor corrections fits to the data best of all compared models, although with a lack of evidence for the unidimensionality of the overall InC scale. In this model, verification of the weak invariance of the measurements was achieved when comparing girls and boys using MGCFA. Significant correlations of latent scores of EPI, ROP and UEM subscales with other assessed constructs were found.




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Friedlová, M., Vaculčíková Sedláčková, Z. ., & Charvát, M. (2021). The Czech version of the Intrapersonal Curiosity Scale (InC Scale) in adolescents: psychometric properties. Československá Psychologie, 65(5), 426-439.