Validation of the Overall Depression Severity and Impairment Scale (ODSIS) in the Czech Republic




ODSIS, depression, assessment, psychometrics, measurement


Objectives. The Overall Depression Severity and Impairment Scale (ODSIS) is a brief self-report transdiagnostic measure designed to assess the severity and functional impairment associated with depression. Its broader focus makes the measure useful for screening as well as routine outcome monitoring and assessment of the overall impact of treatment. The measure is widely used and well applicable in both clinical settings and research context. This study was designed to evaluate the psychometric properties of the Czech version of ODSIS.
Statistical analysis. Ordinal Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA) was conducted to explore dimensionality. We also examined the ODSIS items using Item Response Theory (IRT). Moreover, internal consistency, test-retest reliability and construct validity were tested. Finally, the cut-off scores for the Reliable Change Index (RCI) and the Clinically Significant Change Index (CSI) were calculated.
Sample and setting. The present study assessed selected psychometric properties of the Czech version of the ODSIS in three separate samples: a large general representative sample (n=1738), a clinical sample (outpatients and inpatients; n=58) and a separate online retest sample (n=30). In addition to the ODSIS, participants were asked to respond to conventional measures of depression, anxiety, personality traits, self-esteem, life satisfaction and other scales to determine convergent and divergent validity.
Results. Higher depression was observed in females, in widows and widowers, retirees and students. Confirmatory factor analysis indicated an excellent fit of the modified unidimensional model with correlated errors between items 1 and 2: x2(4) = 8.33; p<0.080; CFI = 1.000; TLI = 1.000; RMSEA = 0.025, SRMR = 0.008. The ODSIS score was positively associated with guilt and shame, neuroticism, anxiety, perceived stress and an established measuring tool for depression. The ODSIS yielded an excellent internal consistency (Cronbach’s alpha=0.94, McDonald’s omega=0.96), and the temporal stability of the ODSIS score was satisfactory (r=0.65). The ODSIS items had a high discrimination ability and their measurement precision was highest in individuals with a high degree of depression. Differential item functioning revealed that the ODSIS items assess depression in the same way between males and females.
Study limitation. The main limitation is the small clinical sample size, the use of self-report questionnaires for validity testing and lower test-retest reliability.




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Mikoška, P., Novák, L., Bok, T. ., Ladmanová, M. ., Fülep, M. ., Kořínek, R., & Pilárik, Ľubor. (2024). Validation of the Overall Depression Severity and Impairment Scale (ODSIS) in the Czech Republic. Československá Psychologie, 68(2), 135-155.