Generational differences in narcissism and value orientation




generational differences, generation Y, generation Z, narcissism, value orientation


Objectives. The present study aimed to investigate the generational and gender differences in narcissism score, and value orientation among Slovakian generations Y and Z.
Sample and settings. The sample of the research consisted of 955 participants, 192 men and 763 women. Generation Y consisted of 501 respondents and generation Z consisted of 454 respondents. The 16-Item Narcissistic Personality Inventory and Portrait Values Questionnaire were administered.
Hypotheses. The score of narcissism is higher in generation Z compared to generation Y and there are no differences in the value preference between these generations. There is a positive relationship between the narcissism score and individualistic values and a negative relationship between the narcissism score and collectivist values.
Statistical analyses. Descriptive statistics: percentage, averages and standard deviations. Inferential statistics: ANOVA, Pearson correlation analysis, Z-test for independent samples, multiple linear regression. The obtained data were analyzed by SPSS.
Results. The results revealed higher narcissism scores among generation Y in comparison to generation Z, with men having a higher rate of narcissism. The results indicated differences between the generations and gender in the preference for the values of power, hedonism, stimulation, benevolence, universalism and security. The data supported a significant positive relationship between narcissism and individualistic values; a negative relationship between narcissism and collectivist values, regardless of gender and generation. The preference for individualistic values was predicted by the narcissism and generation; within collectivism, only the narcissism proved to be a significant predictor.
Limitations. The limitations result from data collection, research design, the nature of the research group and the methods used. The results are valid for the researched group only.




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