For reviewers

Dear reviewers, to provide a review for the journal Československá psychologie (Czechoslovak Psychology), please follow the guidelines below in your review statement.

  • The review should evaluate the quality of the manuscript in the following areas:
    1. clarity and appropriateness of research questions or hypotheses,
    2. justification of questions given the current state of knowledge in the field,
    3. rigorousness, quality, and appropriateness of empirical methods and procedures,
    4. appropriateness and quality of the statistical methods and reporting of the results,
    5. adequate interpretations in the discussion, including limitations.
    6. overall clarity and quality of writing.
  • The reviewers are not required to evaluate or edit spelling, punctuation, or grammar, but we would appreciate your comment in case you feel the paper has major problems concerning language (it is a comment that can be made part of your review).
  • There is no need to restate the content of the study in detail, although a short summary (2-3 sentences) helps to clarify how the key content of the paper is interpreted by an independent reader.
  • Statements about the relevance of the manuscript for the journal and the scientific community in Czechia or Slovakia are welcome but the decision in this respect will be made by the editors.
  • Please be as specific as possible in your suggestions and recommendations.

The reviewers will be asked to make one of the following five recommendations:

Accept Submission: if the manuscript is ready for publication in its current form.
Revisions Required: it requires minor changes that can be reviewed and accepted by the editor.
Resubmit for Review: it requires major changes and another round of peer review.
Resubmit Elsewhere: it doesn’t seem like a good fit for the focus and scope of this journal.
Decline Submission: it has too many weaknesses to ever be accepted.

In case of suggested major changes, we would much appreciate the willingness of the reviewer to review the revised manuscript.